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At WPBloggingDeals, we are a team of WordPress enthusiasts who are committed to bring you WP tips & tricks to help you ease the WordPress usage. You can also find WordPress tutorials on technical issues, hosting suggestions and security tips in a easy-to-follow style.

At WPBD, we also update you the best deals on WordPress products. These are often timely and helps you save your hard-earned bucks while making WP purchases.

Why WPBloggingDeals

We know there are dime a dozen WP resources sites that update the latest products and review them so why exactly WPBloggingDeals?

The answer to this question is a simple one, though. 😉

It is that we want to be a WordPress resource site that posts reviews on products we think will help you boost your online business. Not motivated by affiliate sales alone (we will include affiliate links to help us run this site, but the commission will never be a factor that decides what is to be posted here), you will find here products that are we either have used or would likely recommend our beloved friends and family.

We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity, so you can rest assured.

We strive towards bringing you the best WP reviews that you can trust on web hosting packages, premium WP themes and other WordPress plugins/products.

We proudly boast of hosting the most updated, exclusive resource on WordPress Deals & Discounts and Promo Coupons that you won’t get anywhere else.

We also tie up with brands and product owners to provide exclusive deals for our readers so that you save a buck or more.

Affiliate Disclosure:

As mentioned above, we continuously strive towards partnering with WP product manufactures to bring you the best deals. So we might use affiliate links throughout the  site which will earn us a commission each time you buy a product from us.  This is to maintain the cost of running this site, hiring team members and to earn a profit that motivates us to serve you better. You should practice this with your WordPress Blog/business too. 

Rest assured no product review/affiliate link will be motivated by the amount of affiliate commission. We won’t recommend something that we know will give you a bad experience.

For Product Reviews/Business Opportunities:

If you are interested in business with WPBloggingDeals, want to advertise or sponsor a post on dedicated for your product, kindly visit this page. Please note that we will only accept those requests that we think will benefit our readers by giving them a better experience or enhancing their WordPress knowledge.

P.S. For any queries/suggestions or to connect with us feel free to contact us.

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Updated 22nd  July, 2016.