Where to buy quality backlinks? TOP 12 websites to purchase SEO backlinks

If you want to rank your websites, than backlinks are still the number one thing you should consider building. Most amazon niche sites and even long-term blogs rank for competitive keywords and earn huge bucks due to the strength of links pointing to them.

Building backlinks can often be stressful process and might take a big chunk of your time unless you know the correct art to do it. The second best option is to buy quality backlinks to your website.

I never recommend buying backlinks to your sites and suggest these 10 methods to build SEO friendly backlinks or this guide on backlinko but if you are looking to buy high quality backlinks for niche sites (or long-term sites) here are the top 10 websites that provide quality backlink building services.

Where to buy backlinks? Top 10 backlink sellers for niche sites:

Wondering where to buy those safe and high quality backinks that can boost your sites ranking? Here are the top 10 backlink selling services that have good reviews and used by many on daily basis. Check out if something fits your needs.

1) Links Management:

Links Management is the biggest and most trusted backlink selling website out there. If you want to buy backlinks for your niche site then Links Management is something you must try.

I use LinksManagement to get my niche site pages stuck at page 2-3 and some in position 8-10 to move to the first page first rank, using their backlinks. They have a huge inventory of backlinks ranging from DA 40- DA100 and all websites are professionally tested before getting approval to sell links on them. You can also visit the site to check for suitable sites if you want to buy edu backlinks at nice prices.

They have a team of SEO experts who assist you in selecting the best blogs to buy backlinks from. If you give your site details, they can show you a high pr backlinks list that suit your needs.

Click this link to read the testimonials from their customers who have increased their SERP ranking by purchasing PR6- PR8 backlinks for their sites.

NOTE: Since I am an elite buyer of LinksManagement, I managed to convince them to give my readers a discount. So, if you buy from my link (click here), you will get a free credit of $50 to start your link building campaign.

This way you can test the service without paying a dime, in fact by getting $50 credit. No other backlink selling  sites offer the same level of service.

Check Out LinksManagement (& get $50)

2) Backlinks.com

This is another authority backlink selling business. They are one of the first link brokerages in the SEO world hence know the ins and out of the link building industry. After LinksManagement, this is the only place I use and recommend if I need to get more backlinks for my website.

Most of their links are based on high DA or moz metrics because the PR has now become obsolete. Still most of the high pr backlinks to buy can be found in that website. If you are looking to buy backlinks from high PR websites, they are there, only the metrics displayed have been switched to moz.

The accept credit cards, or you can use PayPal for buying relevant and high PR backlinks from the site.

Infact, if you are a blogger with high metrics pages, you can register your blog for earnings with best paid backlinks.

Note: I have bought a couple of backlinks for a few of my long term blogs from here and so far they work good!

Check Out Backlinks.com 

3) Black Hat Links:

This is the site I came across recently when I was looking for places to buy backlinks. Black hat links is a place to get reasonably good backlinks to your site. They have a wide range of data and backlink base. Here is what they offer:

Buy quality backlinks at affordable prices including Wiki links, and other high PF dofollow backlinks to buy. The have the following features:

  • 100% verified live links
  • Low OBL links (mostly max. 50 outbound links)
  • Free unique content (copyscape passed)
  • Free Indexing (speed-links.net)
  • One way backlinks
  • Unique domains
  • High link diversity
  • Unlimited URLs/keywords
  • Overdelivery by 15%
  • All languages are supported (Chinese, Greek, etc.)
  • Very detailed report. You can send it to your clients.

They offer fast order delivery. Most of the time less than one hour. You can try out their services if you are looking for places to buy good and SEO-friendly backlinks.

5) Fiverr:

Still, wondering where to buy good backlinks. There is this thing called Fiverr which has a very bad reputation as a backlink seller service. Most $5 jobs will land you n some automated spin backlinks that do more harm than good.

Still, there are some honest and experienced backlink sellers who do a decent job, but that is upto you to search them. So, I prefer the LinksManagement because of the trusted backlinks they sell.

6) SEOClerks:

SEOclerk is a also a good SEO marketplace selling way too many SEO services than you can expect. This place has sellers to sell from anything like logo, WordPress themes, plugins and many such things apart from links. They are rumored to have sellers from whom you can buy trusted .gov and .edu links secretly. So you can dig further to boost your search engine rankings.

Most say that the site is for newbies, but it has a smart layer of ranking sellers. If you want quality services you should post your job and pick only the bids from level 3 or so sellers. This way you get credible backlinks and a chance of refund.

You can also sell backlinks on your site by joining there for free.

7) Marketing1on1.com

This marketplace has link building packages and you can choose one based on your site’s current ranking. They have a wide range of backlink builder online repute. the beginner package only gives you web2.0 backlinks, PDF links etc and are good to boost your site in the SERP without doing anything huge. It is a cheap backlink building service you can afford.

However as your site gets bigger and you target better keywords to rank for, you have to opt for their other packages that are costly. These packages have services like:

  • 50 Web2.0 Properties
  • 30 High PR Profile Links
  • 500 High PR Social Bookmarks
  • 25 Article Directories Submissions
  • 100 Classifieds Ads
  • 30 Press Releases
  • 50 Dofollow Niche Blog Comments
  • 100 PR2+ Dofollow Blog Comments

8) The Hoth.co (previously Authority Backlinks)

The Hoth is one of those premium marketplaces or platforms  to buy and sell backlinks that you can trust your long term sites with. They have awesome blog management services, link building services and also guest posting service for that ultimate white-hat link purchase experience.

You can also sell text links on your blog.if you wish.

9) Buy PBN links:

Since we are talking about buying contextual backlinks, PBNs or private blog networks are the best place to buy backlinks from. PBN’s have been penalized by Google but if you want to build high pr dofollow backlinks, there are still some PBNs that work smartly to boost your search engine rankings.

You can enquire friends or authority bloggers who talk about link building with PBN to get into these secret backlink selling PBNs.

Alternatively, you can buy old, expired domains that have good page metrics and TF, CF and host them on a separate hosting account. You can make it diverse by including expired Tumblr blogs, blogger blogs etc to make the link profile look natural.

This process is often time consuming and with lot of headaches but will give you long term returns because you can not only get free dofollow backlinks for your site (since you own the PBN) but also sell these to other bloggers with a nice profit. Some PBNs also have monthly payment scheme for backlinks that they offer and hence you get a steady income source. So rather than asking where to buy backlinks, you can build a quality link selling ecosystem of 

Here is a guide to build PBNs and here is another one.

10) Market-Source-Wave:

Market Source Wave is a great site to purchase backlinks to boost your blog ranking. They have a huge number of variety of domains which sell backlinks but most them are spammy or de indexed. So make sure you check the metrics of the domains you are buying links from. One of my friend in San Francisco reported that her experience with even the top to PBN sellers wasn’t that nice due to the low quality of backlinks they offer. But, we can have individual bad experiences and that doesn’t mean that the whole link selling system is wrong.  

Bonus: Buy backlinks from reputed authority sites like HuffPo, Entrepreneur etc.

These days, you get a lot of people who pitch in buy-sell groups on Facebook and claim to provide you backlinks from very reputed sites. If you want to purchase links from these authority sites like Huffington Post, Entreprenur.com, LifeHack.org then these are the best place to look for sellers.

Having said that, you have to be serious and wise to choose the right seller. Many newbies sell fraudulent links but you can investigate a little by looking for author profile of these sellers on the respective blog or check their profile to see recent shares etc and get an idea of this seller’s profile.

Should I buy Backlinks: Is Buying backlinks good or bad?

This is the million dollar question. Google strongly condemns buying or selling links but you can do it if you understand the risk. Buying backlinks is not a crime, but buying backlinks the wrong way is. 

But, backlinks help you get higher rankings, boost sales and build your brand blog. If you have smart insights you can buy links from right sources like PBNs or reputed SEO agencies like Backlinks.com.

However, if you are looking for easy ways to buy backlinks for your website or niche site, I would recommend verified sellers for this.

My Recommendation: LinksManagement is what I use and trust to boost my niche site rankings. You can try their services for free and avail $50 credit to start building your link if you signup using the link below.

Get Started LinksManagement (& get $50 to try)
Nathan Jones

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